Zuppa Gallurese

Difficulty: Average Time: 1 hour


500 gr of open bread;
1 kg of a steer;
1 kilogram of sheep;
100 gr of grated parmesan cheese;
mature tomatoes;
black pepper;

How to make Zuppa Gallurese

In a pot, prepare a broth with the meat of steer, sheep, an onion, a stem of celery, two carrots, cover them all with a lot of salty water.
Mince the parsley and mix it with the cheese and the ground black pepper.
Place the open bread slices, uniforms among them, on an oven baking-pan, cover with the broth, sprinkle with some minced, cheese and slices of tomato, cover with other open bread and repeat up to fill the baking pan, and put it in the warm oven for 20 minutes.
Serve warm.

Regional Recipe from Sardinia