Zuppa alla Tarantina – Soup Tarantine style

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Zuppa alla Tarantina – Soup Tarantine style

Hot shellfish soup with grouper, eel, prawns, and cuttlefish simmered with tomatoes and served with toasted garlic bread.


  • 1 dl Terra di Bari DOP extra virgin olive oil
  • .5 dl white vinegar
  • 6 slices stale bread
  • 2 kg mussel
  • 1 bunch parsley
  • 1 chili pepper
  • salt
  • 2 garlic clove


Put 2 kg of mussels to soak in slightly salted water, remove the beards and leave them to soak for a couple of hours.

Brush the mussels with a metal brush (or toothbrush) and wash them carefully.

Transfer the mussels to a large round pan, cover with the lid and let them open at high heat. It will take 2-3 minutes in all.

Once all open, remove them, keep them aside, and filter their liquid.

Coarsely chop one bunch of washed and dried parsley, crush two garlic cloves, and brown them in a rather large pan with 1/2 glass of extra virgin olive oil and one chili.

When the crushed garlic cloves are golden, remove them, add the mussels and sprinkle with their filtered liquid.

Mix very well with a wooden spoon, sprinkle with six tablespoons of vinegar, increase the intensity of the flame and cook for a couple of minutes (to let the vinegar evaporate), stirring quickly with a wooden spoon, the mussels become flavored.

Place six slices of homemade bread in individual bowls, spread over mussels, sprinkle everything with the minced parsley, bring to the table and serve immediately.

Source: http://ricette.donnamoderna.com/zuppa-di-cozze-alla-tarantina

Zuppa alla Tarantina – Soup Tarantine style is a regional recipe from Puglia

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