Zembi d’ Arzillo – Fish Ravioli

Zembi d’ Arzillo – Fish Ravioli

Fish Ravioli. There is a colorful and fresh Genoese expression that immediately gives an idea of the exquisite marine flavor of freshly caught fish: “arzillo du ma.”

However, not all fish, strictly speaking, could afford to possess this coveted quality fully, even if they are still hanging on the hook or alive in the net just pulled.
“Arzillo” is also the fine, floating green seaweed accompanying the rocks near the shore like a fleece.
Therefore, the shore and rockfish will assume their fragrant aromas, such as mullet, capon fish, and others.

An extended introduction to the RAVIOLI DI PESCE, a typical seafood dish, today instead of in disuse, no longer performed with the richness of the past.
The “zembi d’arzillo” is the delicious ravioli with a filling mainly made with the meat of fish – which taste like arzillo, of course.

The curious name of this preparation is, after all, simply a type of low-fat ravioli. It also takes us, once again, to oriental trails: “zembi” from the Arabic “zembil,” and that is a large basket made with the leaves of palm trees.
Therefore, a dish with the fullness of taste and form is clearly expressed.

Branzino Ravioli, with mullet sauce – Photo by Gianni Temossi, from iltigullio.it Facebook Group

Ingredients and servings (for 6 people)

for the filling

a bunch of borage
three endives
600 grams of fish flesh capon, red mullet, scorpion fish
four eggs
a handful of grated parmesan cheese
half a lemon
a tomato

For the pasta

half a kilo of flour
two eggs
lukewarm water

How to make Fish Ravioli – Zembi d’ Arzillo

Boil endives and borage for at least 5 minutes; squeeze them well.
Bring the fish to a boil in salted water, adding half a lemon.
Then remove the pulp, which you will brown for a few minutes in butter, with chopped parsley, marjoram and chopped garlic, after passing it through a vegetable mill.
Put it in a bowl and add the pureed vegetables, the beaten eggs and the cheese.
Adjust salt and pepper and mix very well.
Proceed normally to roll out the pastry and make the ravioli with the filling.
Cook them in abundant salted water.
Drain them and dress them with the sauce made from the heads and bones of the fish, with the addition of sieved tomato pulp.

Zembi d’ Arzillo – Fish Ravioli is a regional recipe from Liguria

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