Trofiette alla bottarga e tonno – Trofiette with botarga and tuna fish

Difficulty: Average Time: 45 minutes


500 gr of trofiette;
200 gr of tuna;
100 gr of bottarga;
200 gr of concassea of tomato;
extra virgin olive oil;

How to make Trofiette alla bottarga e tonno

Mince the bottarga and the tuna.
Put the oil and two cloves of garlic to brown them in a frying pan and take it out.
Add the tuna and the tomato concassea and leave to brown for 8 minutes to slow fire, put the bottarga, and keep on cooking for 2 minutes.
Cook the trofiette in salty water.
Drain it and unite it with the sauce to serve with a handful of minced parsley.

Regional Recipe from Sardinia