Timballo Di Tortellini


For the flaky pastry:
2/3 lb. bleached flour
2/3 lb. butter
3 eggs (yolks only)
1 lb. tortellini
1 lemon peel, grated
1 pinch of salt

For the sauce:
2 cups ragu’ Bolognese
1/3 lb. grated Parmigiano
1 white truffle
4 oz. butter
1 egg

How to make the  TIMBALLO DI TORTELLINI – Tortellini Mold:

Heat the ragu’. Cook the tortellini just until al dente, drain, and place in a bowl. Add the ragu’, 3 oz. butter (diced) and 2 oz. Parmigiano. Mix well and let cool. Make the flaky pastry and divide into two batches, one twice the size as the other. Roll out the bigger batch with a rolling pin, making a disk large enough to line a buttered spring mold sprinkled with breadcrumbs.

Arrange the tortellini in layers in the mold, sprinkling each layer with the rest of the Parmigiano and covering with very thin slices of the truffle. Roll out the second batch of flaky pastry, making a top crust large enough to cover the tortellini; lay on top and seal the edges by pinching them all around. The top may be decorated with pastry leftovers.

Brush the pastry with beaten egg, and bake the timballo for 40-50 mins. at 375°F. Once cooked, let stand for about 10 mins. before serving.

Tortellini may be replaced with anolini, or cappelletti.

Serves 6





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