Tajarin All Albese – Piedmontese tagliatelle


1 kg wheat flour,
Nine eggs,
One egg yolk,
yellow flour

How to make the Tajarin All Albese – Piedmontese tagliatelle:

Knead the flour and eggs, add a little salt, form the croquettes about the size of a small bread roll. Cover them for an hour or so (the only aid allowed in the dough making is to dampen one’s hands with tepid water from time to time during the kneading).

Stretch the dough, making a sheet of pasta, and a few minutes later, sprinkle with yellow flour, fold it and cut it by hand into long, thin strips.

The tajarin all’albese tagliatelle, cooked and drained, are served with a thick sauce made of butter, oil, onion, tomatoes, and minute pieces of chicken livers.

Recommended wines: Langhe Doc Favorita, Roero Arneis Doc.

Courtesy of Comune di Torino

Serves 4-6

Regional recipe from Piedmont