Suppli Di Riso 2


1 cup long-grain rice
4 tbs. butter
3 cups chicken broth
5 tbs. grated Parmigiano
2-1/2 oz. diced Mozzarella
2-l/2 oz. diced prosciutto
1 oz. parsley, chopped
4 eggs
olive oil

How to make the Rice Suppli’:

Saute the rice in butter in a skillet,, then add the hot broth slowly, stirring frequently. The rice should be done in 15 min. When ready, mix in half the cheese, and then lay the rice out on a board to cool.

Mix the Mozzarella and prosciutto, the rest of the cheese, the chopped parsley, 1 egg, nutmeg, salt and pepper. With slightly damp hands, take a handful of rice in one hand, and a pinch of stuffing with the other. Push the stuffing into the middle of the rice. Squeeze the rice all around the stuffing and mold it into an egg shape.

When you have used up all the mix, flour the croquettes, dip into beaten eggs, and then roll again in breadcrumbs. Fry the suppli’ in very hot oil and serve immediately.

Serves 4-6

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