Strascinati con peperoni cruschi e mollica

Strascinati con peperoni cruschi e mollica – Generale Lee CC BY-SA 4.0

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Strascinati is a kind of orecchiette, a typical Puglia and Basilicata specialty, but much larger and more open. It is pasta in use in Apulian and Lucanian cuisine. It is a preparation of fresh pasta, without egg, used throughout the south of Italy.
The name derives from the method with which the pasta is shaped, dragged on a large wooden surface with the hand’s fingers. Generally, strascinati are prepared by using three fingers. However, in Basilicata, local customs require four fingers and even eight fingers, allowing very big strascinati (up to 12 centimeters in diameter).
The particular manual technique allows having a smooth side. The one that has been in contact with the wooden board, dusted with flour, is smooth. The other side is a profoundly irregular one that has been in touch with the fingers, which come off the fresh pasta during the strascinati leaving a rough and uneven surface. This side will better collect the sauce.

Strascinati with ragù alla potentina sauce, traditional recipe from Potenza – Redshift87 Public Domain

Regional Recipe from Basilicata and Apulia


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