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Casaforte La Tour, Valpelline, Aosta Valley, Italy. – Patafisik CC BY-SA 3.0

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stale white bread,
Fontina cheese,
Savoy cabbage.

Seupa à la vapelenentse (in French, Soupe à la valpellinoise) is a typical dish of the Aosta Valley, especially of the Valpelline.
It is a soup prepared with stale white bread, Fontina cheese, butter and broth prepared with Savoy cabbage.
The original recipe foresees the use of stale white bread, because in the past it was very expensive and the soup was a way not to waste it.
In the commune of Valpelline in the last weekend of July is held the Festival of Seupa à la Vapelenentse.
Very common is the variant prepared with black bread and cabbage leaves.

Valpelline (French. AFI: [valpəlin] – Valpeleunna in Valle d’Aosta patois, locally Vapeleunna) is an Italian municipality of 603 inhabitants in Valle d’Aosta.

Regional recipe from Valle d’Aosta

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