Sebadas or seadas – sweet focaccia baked w. pecorino

Sweet focaccia baked with pecorino and bitter honey from blossoms of corbezzolo (the strawberry tree).

The seada (also sebada, sevada, and sevata in the Sardinian language) is a typical Sardinian dish made of semolina, cheese, honey (or sugar) as a condiment.

According to some testimonies, the term seada could also derive from the animal fat that was originally used for the realization of the dish, that is su ògiu seu, obtained from the fat of sheep and not of pigs, such as lard (ògiu de porcu).

Difficulty: Difficult Time: 1 hour 45 minutes


1 kg of fresh cheese;
50 gr flour;
1 flour kg;
2 envelopes of vanillina;
280 gr of lard;
1 orange;
1/4 of honey;

Home preparation of Sebadas – Japs 88 CC BY-SA 4.0

How to make Sebadas

Cut the cheese in slices and put it in a saucepan, with 1/2 glass of water, the vanillina, the grated orange, and amalgamate: adding well 50 flour grams and mixing.

Divide into portions the fused cheese, and put it on a damp cutting board, crushing the cheese and allowing it to rest.

Mix the flour with the lard and the salt.

Cut the pasta into disks, and to the center of each, place the portions of cheese, folding it on itself.

At this point, the sebadas are ready to be fried in warm oil; you can serve them with a spoon of honey or sugar.

Regional Recipe from Sardinia

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