Savor Di Frutta – Fruit Sauce


6 lbs. grapes
5 lbs. fruit (pears, apples, peaches, quinces)
3 oz. walnuts

How to make the Savor Di Frutta – Fruit Sauce:

Savor means “flavor” in Venetian dialect; it is an ancient recipe from central Italy, usually prepared in the fall.

Remove the grapes from stems, wash well, then press out juice. Let the juice sit for 24 hours. Clean the fruit and cut it into pieces. Chop the nuts. Put all the fruit and nuts into a large pot, add the grape juice, cover, and cook on low heat for two hours, stirring often. The savor is ready when the volume is half of what it was initially. Cool and refrigerate.

Savor di Frutta is served with boiled meat and as a filling for sweets, with squash Tortelli and with polenta. If only must (that is, grape juice before it turns into wine due to fermentation) is used, the resulting syrup is called sapa (or saba) and is used for fillings or as a mix for cocktails.

This spiced fruit may also be preserved, though pasteurization is necessary.

Regional recipe from Veneto

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