Sardinian Burrida


1 or 2 Kgs of gattucci of the sea;
15 walnut-trees;
1/2 ls of white vinegar;
I oil extra virgin of olive;

How to make Burrida

Eliminate the heads and disembowel the fishes putting aside the livers to boil in a saucepan apart.
In a pot, bring to boiling abundant salted water, pour the fishes and cook them for 20 minutes (it depends on their dimension).
Drain them, make calm, skin them, cut asunder, and put them in a bowl. In a frying pan on a slow fire, put the oil, the garlic, the onion, the livers, the minced walnuts; when the mixture will have amalgamated, add the vinegar and make it boil for 6 minutes until you get a sauce that will pour warm, on the fish.
Please leave it to flavor for one day and then serve as an appetizer.

Regional Recipe from Sardinia