Sarde In Saor

Sarde in saor – KRISTA CC BY 2.0


600 gr. fresh sardines
600 gr. of white onion
2.5 dl. of red vinegar
100 gr. of pine-nuts (optional)
100 gr. of sultanas (optional)
frying oil
white flour
salt and pepper

How to make the Sarde In Saor – Marinated sardines:

Remove the head, the innards, and scale the sardines; wash them and leave them to drain.
Finally, clean and slice the onions.
Put the sultanas to soak.
Fry the onions on a low flame until lightly done; salt them. Just before removing from the fire, add the vinegar. Leave to cool and add the sultanas and pine nuts (optional).
Dip the sardines in the flour and fry them. Leave them to dry on absorbent paper and salt them. When they are cool, lay them in a bowl alternating one layer of sardines and one layer of onions with their cooking sauce.
For best results, please keep them in a fresh place for at least two days.

“Sarde in saor” recipe courtesy of Roberto Ravagnan Restaurant ‘Baruffe chiozotte’ at Chioggia. The chef of the restaurant ‘Baruffe Chiozzotte’ at Chioggia presents this classic of Venetian gastronomy: le sarde in saor sometimes called il saor. The chef from Chioggia says the addition of pine nuts and raisins to the “sarde in saor” is an option – whereas, in the original Venetian recipe, they’re a must.

Regional recipe from Veneto

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