Sarago Alla Griglia


4 sea breams, each 20-24 oz.

How to make the Broiled Sea Bream:

Gut and clean, but do not scale the fish. Make a couple of incisions on the inside, along the bone in order to ease the cooking process. The size of the fish does not require to be scored on the outside. If the fish to broil is large, then it is advisable to do so.

Light the gridiron, if possible with aromatic woods. The fire is ready when the wood has burned completely and has formed a light layer of ash. Make sure the gridiron is clean and oiled before placing the fish on it. Simply place the fish on top of it. This is fine for small fish because it is easy to turn.

When broiling a large fish, use a folding rack (some are square; others are fish-shaped). This will make the turning a lot easier. Turn the fish only once with a large spatula. When it is ready, serve it with a variety of light sauces, mostly oil or lemon-based.

Serves 4