Salsa Di Funghi – Mushroom Sauce

Salsa di fubghi su tortellini – U9POI57 CC BY-SA 4.0


1 oz. parsley
1 small rosemary sprig
1 clove garlic
2/3 lb. ripe tomatoes
14 oz. fresh porcini mushrooms
2 oz. butter
2 tbs. olive oil
2 anchovy fillets
a little broth

How to make the Salsa Di Funghi – Mushroom Sauce:

Prepare a battuto with parsley, rosemary leaves and garlic. Peel the tomatoes, remove seeds and cut in small pieces. Clean, and slice the mushrooms and set aside. Place butter and oil in a casserole, add anchovy fillets and the battuto, and let brown, stirring to dissolve the anchovies.

Add the tomatoes. Moisten with the broth and add salt. Stir well and let cook at a very low beat for about half an hour. Add the mushrooms and cook another 5 min. Accompany over any kind of pasta or gnocchi.

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