Recipe Funghi E patate Al Forno

Different varieties of Porcini Mushrooms – Giacomo Eupizi CC BY-SA 4.0

800 gr. porcini mushrooms,
400 gr. potatoes (peeled, washed and cut into thin slices),
2 garlic cloves,
1 sprig parsley,
2 T. olive oil and more oil for the baking pan,
1/2 cup white wine,

How to make the Funghi e Patate al Forno:

Chop 2 mushroom stems and saute them in 2 T. olive oil for 2 min. with a little parsley and I minced garlic clove. Add salt. Grease baking pan with abundant olive oil. Arrange potatoes, sprinkle with wine then spread stem mixture on top.

Arrange the remaining mushrooms cut into slices (caps and stems) drizzle with oil and spread on top remaining minced garlic and parsley. Add salt to taste and bake the funghi e patate al forno for 40 min. (180°-190°).

Regional recipe from Liguria