Recipe Faraona Alla Prugna


A boned guinea-fowl
Pitted prunes
Sliced red onions
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
Mixed spice Consume String

This is an ancient recipe from the Renaissance period.

How to make the Faraona alla prugna:

Open the guinea-fowl like a book (or butterfly).

Stuff with prunes and sprinkle seasonings and spice over the prunes.

Roll up and tie the fowl up in string.

Put in a casserole dish with lots of onions, prunes and lots of olive oil and brown over the heat.

Add consume little by little but not too much at one time, enough to cook in but not enough to cover.

Cook over low heat for one hour.

When consume is thick, pour into a sauce.

This was served on a plate with a flower made from tomato skin in the center and the sauce was poured around the slices of “Faraona” with prunes for decoration.

Serves 4-6