Recipe Crostini Toscani

Crostini Toscani – Schellack Public Domain


300 gr. of chicken liver
100 gr. of minced beef
half Tuscan pork sausage
one anchovies fillet
five capers
half onion
one clove of garlic
1/2 of a carrot
celery and parsil
one cup of broth
salt and pepper
olive oil
slices of homemade bread

How to make Crostini Toscani:

Preparation: finely chop up the onion with the garlic, the carrot, the celery, the persil, and the capers. Cover the bottom of a saucepan with olive oil e put the chopped herbs to brown on a small flame. When the onion starts to brown, add some of the broth and let it evaporate.

Wash and dry the chicken livers then put them to cook with the herbs together with the minced beef and the sausage, for some minutes, then add the rest of the broth. Let everything cook for 15 minutes then add the chopped up anchovies and cook slowly other five minutes. When it’s done, beat everything and spread it warm on the slightly toasted bread slices.

Serves 4

Regional recipe from Tuscany.