Recipe Cotoletta Alla Milanese


1½ lb Veal Cutlet 500-750g
6 tablespoons clarified butter or oil 90ml
2 lemons, halved (for garnish)

For Coating:
(made with adding salt and pepper)
1 egg, beaten with seasoning
1 teaspoon of oil
½ cup dry white breadcrumbs 125ml

How to make Cotoletta alla Milanese :

Brush with beaten egg, and coat with breadcrumbs, pressing them on well.

Heat butter, or oil and butter in a large skillet and fry cotolette on each side until golden brown and tender.

WATCH POINT: to obtain a crisp, even coasting, do not let Cotolette touch each other in pan and do not remove them for the first 2-3 minutes of cooking so a coating can form.

Drain the Cotolette thoroughly on paper towels, arrange on a platter with the sautéed or chateau potatoes, garnish with lemon halves and serve at once while cotolette alla milanese are still crisp.

Serves 4-6

Regional recipe from Lombardy.

Milan, a bit of history of Milanese cuisine:

Cotolette alla Milanese – Milanese Veal Cutlet, is a typical traditional dish from Milan. It is almost identical to the Wienerschnitzel, a typical traditional dish from Vienna. This similarity is not by mistake: when in the 1800s Milan was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, there was a Milanese cook who went from Milan to Vienna to work at the court of the Emperor. This is agreed upon by both the Milanese and the iennese.


What happened next is where the two stories differ: the Milanese say that the cook took with him the traditional recipe of the scaloppine alla milanese and taught the Viennese cooks how to do it, the Vienneses say the opposite, that he stole the recipe from Vienna and brought it back to Milan.

Both the Milanese Veal Cutlets and the Wienerschnitzel are breaded veal cutlets; the Viennese bone theirs and dredge them in both flour and bread crumbs, whereas the Milanese just use bread crumbs, and the Viennese fry in lard whereas the Milanese use butter.