Recipe Controfiletto In Salsa Di Vino


1/2 lb. rump beef
8 slices San Daniele Prosciutto

For the sauce:
4 oz. red wine
1 shallot
2 laurel leaves
8 oz. brown fond de cuisine

How to make the Controfiletto in salsa di vino con Prosciutto di San Daniele:

Cook the shallot, laurel leaves and peppercorns in red wine and let it evaporate until the wine’s natural sugar is caramelized. Add the fond de cuisine, bring it to simmer and filter the sauce.

Melt some butter in a casserole, brown both sides of the meat and finish the roasting in the oven.

Serve the filet on a serving dish with the sauce and cover the meat with the slices of San Daniele prosciutto.

Serves 4