Recipe Cinghiale All Etrusca


boar loin
red pepper

How to make Cinghiale all’Etrusca:

The wild boar was the favorite meat in Etruscan cuisine. Most of the territory was covered by woods where the boars were numerous, and the Etruscans hunted them with the help of ferocious dogs- probably Assyrian mastiffs.

To soften the taste of wild, leave the boar meat immersed in 1/2 of water and 1/2 of red wine with salt for one night. Rinse the meat in water and vinegar, cut it into tiny pieces. Chop up the vegetables. Put everything in a pan with olive oil, cook slowly (about 40 minutes), and add red wine when needed. Add tomatoes, mustard, salt to taste, and a drop of vinegar and cook 20 minutes more.

Regional recipe of Tuscany.

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