Recipe Cestini Fragole Condite Con Aceto Balsamico Di Reggio Emilia


For the baskets:
5 oz. butter
5 oz. flour
egg whites
1 tbsp. vanilla extract

For the filling:
10 oz. vanilla ice cream
1/2 lb. strawberries (preferably wild)
16 drops Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Reggio Emilia

How to make Cestini di fragole con Aceto Balsamico di Reggio Emilia:

In a bowl, whisk the butter with the sugar and the vanilla extract until frothy. Slowly add the egg whites and then the sifted flour. Put this cream in a pastry bag with a smooth nozzle and form four discs on a buttered cookie sheet.

Bake for 10 minutes on a 425 F oven. Remove and, while still hot, place each disk over an upside-down glass. The overlapping edges will turn down, thus creating a basket. Let cool and then remove from the glasses.

Clean and dry the strawberries and place them in the baskets.

Place a spoon of vanilla ice cream on each dessert plate and let it melt for a couple of minutes until soft. Place a basket next to the vanilla ice cream. Drizzle about four drops of balsamic vinegar over each basket. Garnish with strawberry leaves.

Serves 4