Recipe Cervella In Carrozza


1 lb. brains
4 tbs. butter
1/2 cup olive oil
1 small onion, finely sliced
1 cup milk
6 tbs. flour
1 egg, separated
12 slices stale bread, cut 1/3-in. thick
oil for frying
salt, pepper
1 tbs. parsley, chopped

How to make Cervella in Carrozza:

Blanch the brains and slice them thick and even. Heat up 4 tbs. butter and 2 tbs. olive oil and add the onion. When the onion is brow, add the brains and saute one minute on each side. Remove from heat and set the pan aside.

Prepare a batter by putting milk in a bowl and slowly adding in the flour. Whisk well and add the egg yolk, salt and pepper. Whip the egg white and fold it into the batter. You should get a thick batter. Place a slice of brain with the onion on each slice of bread and dip into the batter. Fry. Drain the brains on paper towels; sprinkle with salt and chopped parsley. Serve very hot.

Serves 4