Recipe Cazmarr Marretto Di Agnello Aalla Lucana


-two pluck of lamb
-a piece of lambnet
-some of the lamb intestines
-two slices of ham
-a piece of cheese
-grated pecorino cheese
-dry white wine
-olive oil
-chili pepper

How to make the Cazmarr:

Wash thoroughly in warm water to pluck lamb, pat dry and cut into long thin strips as much as possible.

Wash thoroughly well the retina of lamb in hot water, dry it and straighten it on a chopping board.

Place the strips on the retina of pluck, chili, salt and pepper and sprinkle with finely chopped parsley and garlic; place here and there some small piece of cheese and ham.

Sprinkle all over with a handful of grated cheese and wrap the ingredients in the network to get a loaf of about five centimeters in diameter and a length of about cm. 20.

Wash the lamb intestines, first in warm water and then in a little ‘white wine; twist the intestines, drain well, stopping every so often around the meat loaf with a knot because the preparation of well-sealed.

Caging the meatloaf thing long and packed in four sturdy sticks, stopping with string; anoint the “cazmarr” with plenty of olive oil and place in a well-oiled baking pan.

Place in preheated oven (150 °C), let it cook for about two hours turning it occasionally and basting with a few tablespoons dell’intingolo that will be formed on the bottom of the container.

When cooked, remove the sticks and string, cut the loaf into slices and serve.

Serves 4-6

Regional recipe from Basilicata.

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