Recipe Cassata Gelato Al Pistacchio


1 lb. 5 oz. pistachio ice cream
3 oz. mixed chopped candied fruit, chopped
5 oz. whipped cream
1 egg white
2 tbs. caramel-coated almonds
4 tbs. powdered sugar

How to make Cassata al gelato Pistacchio:

Put a semi-spherical mold in the freezer to chill. Soften the ice cream just until spreadable and line the inside of the mold, leaving the center empty. Put the mold back into the freezer. Soften the candied fruit in rum, and drain.

Whip the cream and stir in the candied fruit and the almonds. Beat the egg white and sugar until stiff and add to the cream.

Fill the center of the mold with this mixture and put the mold back into the freezer for at least 2 hours. Follow the same procedure as for Bomba Fantasia (Southern Ice-cream Mold).

Cassata can also be made in a round cake mold.

Serves 4