Recipe Cappone Ripieno


1 capon,
250 grams of veal,
pork 300 grams,
200 grams sausage (sliced into 2-3),
150 gr. ham,
150 grams ham,
4 eggs,
150 grams of Parmesan cheese,
1 cup of Marsala wine,
1 tbsp skinned pistachio nuts,
2 cloves of garlic,
1 carrot
2 stalks celery,
1 onion,

How to make the Cappone ripieno:

A capon rather large, clean, take out wings and thighs and debone it without breaking it. Also removed the breast and entrails that land by the filling.

Go to the meat grinder of veal and pork. Diced mortadella, cut into strips cooked ham and prosciutto. Mix all these ingredients and add the chopped boiled eggs, Parmesan cheese, chopped entrails of the capon, the glass of Marsala, skinned pistachios, salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Cut the breast of capon into strips and arrange in layers in the belly of capon himself, alternating with layers of stuffing. Try to fill in the return to the capon its shape, then sew its opening. Wrap it in white cloth and immerse in cold water with the wings, thighs, vegetables and salt needed. After about 2 hours (or more, depending on the thickness of the capon) Gently pull the water and let it cool. Then cut into slices and arrange on a plate covered with jelly.
Or you can cook the roast capon, placing them in a pan with garlic, salt and a few flakes of butter. Bake in preheated oven for about 3 hours and wet from time to time with spoonfuls of hot soup.

Serves 6

Regional recipe from Emilia-Romagna.