Recipe Cacciucco Alla Viareggina


500 gr octupus
400 gr cuttlefish
300 gr cicale
1 pottino of150 gr
2 aluzzi of 200 gr
2 sugarelli of 150 gr
also 1 serra, 1 gallinella, …
4 table-sp of olio etravergine di oliva
4 cloves of garlic
3 table-sp tomato paste
salt and red pepper

How to make Cacciucco alla viareggina:

First gut the fish and cut it in pieces. Cook everything in a little of water with garlic, tomatoe paste, red pepper and salt. Not more then 30 minutes. Serve over toasted slices of bread (Tuscan bread, baked with no salt at woodfire) with a generous trickle of olive oil.

Caciucco is made with various types of rockfish, most of which are not found in the U.S. However, one can use many others sorts of fish such as red snapper, rock cod, halibut, bass, or any other firm-fleshed fish. According to tradition, this soup should contain at least 5 different sorts of fish, as mani as the C’s in its name.

Serves 4- Recipe by chef Amelio Fantoni

Time: 30 minutes

The fish mentioned in the recipe are local kinds of the Versilia sea of which we don’t have a translation in English. So, as we have said, try with what you have or come over here to taste them.

Regional recipe from Tuscany.

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