Recipe Bruschetta Toscana

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In Tuscany, bruschetta is known as fettunta (or fett’unta), especially in Florence. It has no other ingredients than Tuscan bread (stale or fresh toasted), garlic, oil, salt, and pepper. Elsewhere it is called panunta (or panunto) and can be accompanied, as in nearby Umbria, with a spoonful of beans in a flask. Some rare variants include the use of ham and sausage. The Tuscan bread sciocco, if made with flour of good quality, is preserved for a long time and is easily toasted, becoming soft inside and crispy on the crust.
Also, in Maremma, the use of bruschetta is associated with the charcoal burners who brought the charcoal of fine wood (called brusca or brusta) house to house and with which they lit the fireplaces; on the embers of the fireplace, they toasted the homemade bread sciocco.


Tuscany big loaf bread *
ripe tomatoes
oregano and fresh basil
salt and pepper
extra-virgin olive oil

How to make the Bruschetta Toscana:

Toast or barbecue the slices of bread, rub garlic over them.
Chop up tomatoes, mix with oregano, salt, and olive oil in a bowl. Spread on toasted bread.
Pour some extra oil on top and grind some pepper to taste. Top with basil leaves.

*Please note that in Tuscany, they bake bread without salt.

Regional recipe from Tuscany, Umbria.

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