Recipe Baccala In Umido

  • 2 lbs. salt cod
  • 1 tbs. raisins, softened in lukewarm water
  • 1 lb. onion
  • 3 cups olive oil
  • 4 anchovy fillets
  • 1 tbs. pine nuts
  • 1 tbs. capers
  • 1 tbs. parsley, chopped
How to make Baccala’ in umido:

Follow the usual procedure to soften the salt cod and cut into 2 oz. pieces. Lightly dust with flour and fry in very hot oil. Remove excess fat by placing it on paper towels. Keep warm.

Saute the onions In a separate skillet with 1 tbs. oil. When tender but not brown, add the anchovies, capers, raisins and pine nuts. Add the fried cod to the pan, mix well and cook for one hour over low heat. Occasionally baste the top of the cod with the cooking liquids. If it gets too dry, add a few tbs. hot water. When ready, add the chopped parsley, remove from heat and serve.

Note 1:
This preparation lends itself to several variations. For example, you can add 2 lbs. of peeled, seeded, chopped tomatoes and 1 cup of black olives, cook for 20 mins., and then add the fried cod and bake in the oven at 450’F for one hour.

Note 2:
Some prefer this recipe without raisins and pine nuts.

Serves 4