Putizza (dolce)

Putizza (dolce) – Michael R Perry CC BY 2.0


  • three doughs

How to make Putizza (dolce)

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The putizza or potizza (in Slovenian: potica) is a typical Karst area desert between Gorizia and Trieste. Potica is also very common in Slovenia, where it is considered a real “queen of festive dishes”.
Putizza is one of the many variants of rolled cakes of Austro-Hungarian origin, together with gubana and presnitz, and other types. It differs for the richness of the filling, for the shape, working with three doughs, and the leavening, which gives more softness.
Other similar rolled cakes are Hungarian bejgli, Yiddish rugelach, Turkish nokul, Polish makowiec, and Serbo-Croatian orahnjača orechovník.

Regional Recipe from Friuli Venezia Giulia

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