Porcetto – Maialetto Sardo – Spit-roasted suckling pig

Preparation of the Sardinian piglet. – Japs 88 CC BY-SA 4.0

Difficulty: Average Time: 3 hour

A piglet; 500 grams of lard;
firewood of juniper and olive tree;

Cleaning up and washes the piglet, eliminates the interiors, salty inside and out, and pierce him/it in a spit.
You shoot a beautiful with the firewood when the fires will be ardent, you start the spit, you brush the meat with the lard.
To completed cooking unthread by spitting the piglet, cover him/it with the myrtle, do you him to now rest 1 and you serve.

Roasting of Sardinian pork in Macomer. – Japs 88 CC BY-SA 4.0

Regional Recipe from Sardinia