Polpettone Siciliano – Sicilian Meatloaf

polpettone Siciliano – Jim Holmes OH CC BY 2.0

Polpettone Siciliano – Sicilian Meatloaf


Gr. 500 minced veal;
gr. 150 grated cheese,
gr. 250 bread crumbs,
Three eggs,
tomato paste,
meat broth light,
olive oil,
salt and pepper.

How to make the Polpettone Siciliano – Sicilian Meatloaf:

In a land mix, the minced meat with cheese, 200 grams of bread crumbs, two cloves of garlic, and a tablespoon of chopped parsley, salt, and pepper and mixed with three eggs. Give the mixture an elongated oval shape and pass the bread was grated. Soften the onion in a large frying pan in a glass of olive oil, and then fry the meatloaf.

Add a tablespoon of tomato paste diluted in a little warm broth and when the liquid has been absorbed, pour a ladle of hot stock and cook for about 50 minutes over low heat, frequently stirring meatloaf. Serve cold, sliced with a side of peas or carrots with butter.

Polpettone Siciliano – Sicilian Meatloaf is a Regional recipe from Sicily

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