Pollo Alla Diavola – Deviled Chicken

Pollo allo spiedo – Grilled chicken – CC BY 4.0

1 young chicken (about l 1/2 lbs.)
olive oil

How to make the Split Roast Chicken:

Wash and dry the bird. Cut it along its back and remove the breastbone. Turn it over and pound the breast with a meat mallet without crushing it. Cut two holes in the skin beside the chicken’s tail and insert the thigh bones’ end into them, sprinkling generously with oil on both sides. Place on a gridiron or a metal griddle. Place a weight over the chicken to keep it flat. Reduce the heat to allow the chicken to cook thoroughly. Baste often with oil, using a brush or a rosemary sprig. Once it is cooked on one side, turn it over and finish cooking (should not take more than 30 mins.) Salt and pepper on both sides and serve.

You may also broil the chicken by roasting it on both sides in a heavy cast-iron skillet and finishing the roasting in the oven.

Serves 4

Regional Recipe from Latium