Polenta E Sopressa Vicentina

Piatto Asolano – Polenta, Sopressa, Morlacco Fuso, seasonal Verdura. Polenta is a solid porridge made of corn semolina; Sopressa is an Italian salami from Veneto, melted Morlacco cheese from Morlacco del Grappa and seasonal vegetables. Photographed at the Corte del Re restaurant in Asolo.


8 thick slices of Sopressa Vicentina salami
1 tbsp. butter
12 oz. cooked polenta
6 oz. red wine
8 oz. chicory or escarole lettuce

How to make the Braised Sopressa Vicentina with Toasted Polenta:

Cut the polenta into 8 slices and toast in a pan or on a stovetop grill. Fry the slices of Sopressa Vicentina in a pan with the butter and then add the red wine. Let simmer for about 5 minutes.

Wash, drain, and cut the chicory or escarole lettuce. Add some salt and pepper and arrange on 4 plates. Place the polenta slices on the lettuce, and then top with the braised Sopressa Vicentina salami.

Serves 4

Regional recipe from Veneto

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