Polenta Concia


13 oz. yellow polenta, coarsely ground
8 oz. fresh butter
13 oz. Fontina

How to make the Polenta with Butter and Fontina:

Make a polenta following the basic procedure.

While it is cooking, dice the cheese into small pieces. After it has cooked for half an hour, add the butter, cut into small pieces. Blend in the cheese 5 mins. before turning the heat off,. Leave to stand for several minutes, and then turn it on a wooden board, cut with a wooden knife and serve.

You can replace 7 oz. of yellow cornmeal with as mich whole-wheat cornmeal and Fontina with Bitto. This recipe is a specialty of Valtellina, in Northern Italy, where is called polenta taragna. Bitto may be substituted with Parmigiano. Whole-wheat cornmeal is mixed into the water when still cold. It is then brought to a boil and the yellow cornmeal is added following the cooking process as in basic method.

Polenta taragna is always served with good quality salame, thickly sliced by hand, or fresh pork sausage sauteed till brown.

Serves 6

Regional recipe from Valle d’Aosta