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The pizzolo (pizzòlu in Sicilian) is a typical Sicilian cuisine product, particularly Sortino and Solarino. You can still taste it in all the Province of Syracuse or special pizzerias scattered throughout the province and in some cities of south-eastern Sicily.

Pizzzolo consists of a round pizza of about 20 cm in diameter but slightly thicker Cut in half, it is superficially seasoned with oil, oregano, parmesan cheese, and salt (a mo’ di focaccia) and stuffed with various ingredients, savory (in which case the filling will be based on meat, vegetables, cheese or cold cuts) or sweet (with a filling of pistachio cream, chocolate cream, ricotta cheese, and honey).

Its origins are uncertain. However, it is a typical dish of the peasant tradition of Sortino and Solarino – which in its original recipe consisted of focaccia stuffed with peppers – and already existed in the first half of the 1900s. However, in the 1990’s it is commercialized in Solarino and Sortino, which holds the De. Co. (Communal Denomination), A local pizza maker who had the idea to stuff it with salami and cheese and serve it to delighted customers.

Regional Recipe from Sicily