Pizza Quattro Stagioni – Four Seasons Pizza

Pizza Quattro Stagioni – Xocolatl Pubblico dominio

Pizza Quattro Stagioni – Four Seasons Pizza


pizza dough (basic recipe)
7 oz. clams
7 oz. mussels
12 artichokes in oil
tomato sauce
Two salted anchovy fillets
Ten black pitted olives
Six tbs. olive oil

How to make the Pizza Quattro Stagioni – Four Seasons Pizzaons:

Prepare the dough following the Pizza Dough Basic Recipe. Wash and shell the clams and mussels. Quarter the artichokes; prepare the tomato sauce as in Pizza Marinara.

Flatten the dough into a 10-in.-disk. Spread the tomato sauce on each disk of dough and then place each ingredient (mussels, clams, artichokes, olives with anchovies) into one of 4 different sections.

Drizzle generously with oil and bake as in Pizza Marinara.

Serves 6

Pizza Quattro Stagioni – Four Seasons Pizza is a recipe from Campania

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