Pizza Marinara, with Tomato, Garlic, and Oregano


pizza dough (basic recipe)
12 oz. firm ripe tomatoes
2 cloves garlic
1 pinch of oregano
white flour
8 tbs. olive oil

How to make the Pizza Marinara, with Tomato, Garlic, and Oregano:

Peel, seed, and crush the tomatoes. Add garlic, oregano, two tbs: olive oil, salt, and pepper to taste and set aside. Make the dough following the Pizza Dough Basic Recipe. When ready, punch each of the dough balls into a disk of about 8-10-in. in diameter, shove the pastry disk on to an edgeless shovel (the Italian pala) coated with flour.

Spread the previously prepared sauce over the pastry disks. Drizzle each one of them with one tbs. olive oil on top and shove it into a wood-burning oven with a brisk backward move; turn around occasionally to allow for even cooking. Cook till done (a few minutes), remove from oven with the shovel, and serve the Pizza Marinara.

Note 1:
The dough on the edges should be slightly thicker to prevent the ingredients from sliding off the dough while cooking.

Note 2:
A wood-burning oven should be lit at least 3-4 hours in advance; it will be ready for baking when the temperature is about 650°F

Note 3:
If you do not have a wood-burning oven, cook the pizza marinara on an oiled baking pan in the oven preheated at 550°F or on a preheated sheet tray lined with ceramic tiles.

Serves 6

Regional recipe from Campania