Peperoni Ripieni Con Pane – Bread Stuffed Peppers

Peperoni Ripieni – Zserghei Public Domain

Peperoni Ripieni Con Pane – Bread Stuffed Peppers

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The peppers, deprived of the stalk and the seeds, but left whole, are stuffed with various fillings, including breadcrumbs, minced meat, cheese, olives, capers, salted anchovies, rice. Finally, they are seasoned with oil and then baked.
Another widespread preparation concerns round and small peppers (sweet or hot). After a prolonged soaking in white vinegar, they are emptied and stuffed with a filling made of natural tuna, salted anchovies, and capers and then preserved in oil.
Stuffed peppers are common in many countries, with local variations in cooking methods and stuffing types. In Italy, they are particularly appreciated in the south, where they are consumed, according to the season, cold or hot. Among other areas where this dish is ubiquitous, there are, for example, the Balkans or Latin America, where peppers’ origin is located. In many recipes, such as Gemistà (Greece and neighboring countries), cooks can fill peppers with tomatoes, zucchini, or other vegetables.

Ingredients for Peperoni Ripieni Con Pane

Eight bell peppers, small sized
Three tbs. olive oil
2 cups breadcrumbs
Two cloves garlic
Three salted anchovies
1 oz. capers
2 oz. green olives

How to make the Peppers Stuffed with Bread:

Clean the peppers; remove the stem and the seeds. Prepare stuffing with 1 1/2 tbs. Oil, breadcrumbs, parsley chopped with garlic, anchovies, capers, and olives. Stuff the peppers without packing them too tightly, place them in a baking pan, pour over the remaining oil and bake for about one hour at 400°F.

Serves 4

Peperoni Ripieni Con Pane – Bread Stuffed Peppers is a Regional Recipe from Campania

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