Pasta Per Pizza Basic Recipe – Pizza Dough


29 oz. white flour
2 oz. brewers or compressed yeast
1 pinch salt
water, as needed

How to make the Pizza Dough (Basic Recipe):

How to make the “Pasta per Pizza” (Pizza dough) crumble the yeast in a cup and dilute with several tablespoons of warm water (not hot, otherwise the yeast will die and lose its leavening power). Mix with about 2 oz. flour, cover the cup with a cloth and keep it in a warm place so that it can rise.

Pour the remaining flour on the pastry board, add a pinch of salt and knead with warm water (the dough should not be too soft). Add the fermented dough and continue to knead vigorously until it becomes elastic.

Shape the dough into 6 even balls, then place them on a flat wooden board, lightly coated with flour. Cover with a cloth and keep it in a warm place until the dough swells to twice its former size.

The dough is now ready to be punched down, made into disks of approximately 10 in. in diameter, and the pasta per pizza can be used for pizza with any topping you wish.

Serves 6

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