Pasta Fresca Basic Recipe


Fresh pasta is made with 1 lb. 2 oz. of flour and 5 whole eggs. In many regions of Italy only 4 eggs and a little water are used; in others, 2 eggs and more water. In other regions only the egg yolks and a little oil are employed. Regardless of these regional variations, the dough must be well kneaded – that is, until little bubbles are visible – before being stretched with the rolling pin.

1 lb. 2 oz. flour
5 whole eggs

How to make the Fresh Pasta (Basic Recipe):

Pour the flour on a pastry board, (spianatoia) in a cone-shaped, mound. Break the eggs into the center of the cone and blend the yolks with the whites, using a fork or fingers then begin gradually mixing the egg with the flour.

When the dough has thick texture, so that it is no longer possible to use a fork, the egg will no longer be liquid and about 1/2 of the flour will be incorporated. Continue to work with your hands, pushing the dough up from all sides, taking in as much flour as possible; keep on kneading for about 15 mins.

The dough must be thick and rather stiff, or it will be difficult to roll out, though it might seem to be the opposite.

Wrap the dough with a cloth and keep it under a weight for half an hour. This allows the dough (particularly the gluten in the dough) to relax; it will be less elastic and much easier to roll out after a short rest.