This cake is a Christmas specialty from Verona and is as famous as panettone.

2 cups flour
3 oz. baker’s yeast
1/2 cup confectioner’s sugar
5 egg yolks
1 whole egg
6 oz. butter
1 pinch vanilla
1 tsp. grated lemon peel
3 tbs. cream
4 tbs. butter
5 tbs. sugar
vanilla-flavored powdered sugar

How to make the Pandoro:

How to make the pandoro: Knead together 4 tbs. flour, yeast, 1/2 tbs. sugar, and 1 egg yolk, adding some warm water if necessary. Let rise, covered, in a warm draft-free place for a couple of hours, or until doubled in size. Knead the risen dough with 2 cups flour, 1 oz. softened butter, 2 oz. sugar and 2 yolks. Knead energetically for 15 min. Let rise for another two hours or until it has doubled in size again.

Place the remaining flour, 2 tbs. butter, 4 tbs. sugar, 2 yolks, the whole egg and the fermented dough on the pastry board. Knead again for 20 min. Let rise 2 hours for the third time. Take the dough again and knead in a pinch of vanilla, the grated lemon rind and 2 or 3 tsp. cream. When the dough is well mixed, roll into a 12×8-in. rectangle. Cut the butter into chunks, let it soften and place in the center of the dough.

Fold the dough back onto itself from both directions to make 3 layers and roll it out again. Let the dough rest for half an hour, fold again and roll out two more times, letting the dough rest in a warm place in between.

Butter and dust with sugar a deep mold, preferably a deep, star-shaped mold. Place the dough in the mold (it should fill it only halfway) and let rise until the dough reaches the upper rim of the pan. Cook the pandoro in a pre-heated oven at 375°F.

After 20 min. reduce the temperature to 325°F and bake the pandoro for another 20 min.

Regional recipe from Veneto