Paella algherese – Alghero Paella

Paella algherese – Alghero Paella

Difficulty: Difficult Time: 2 hours


300 gr of rice;
500 gr of mussels;
300 gr of gamberoni;
One chicken;
150 gr of sausage with peperoncino;
500 gr of tomatoes;
250 gr of peas;
Two red peppers;
extra virgin olive oil;

How to make Paella algherese

Cut out the breast of the chicken and put it aside.
Cut in half the rest of the chicken, prepare it in a saucepan with the laurel, some marjoram, cover all with water, salt, pepper, bring to ebullition; then continue cooking to slow fire 30 minutes, and when cooking is complete, filter the broth.
Cut the peppers and sliced onion, shave the tomatoes, eliminate the seeds, shell the peas, boil the prawns, and shell apart.
In a frying pan with the oil, put the chicken breast, gilding on both the legs, once cooked take away from the fire, cutting it asunder.
Brown, the onion in a frying pan, adds the rice, and, gilding it, adds the chicken breast. Then add the shelled prawns, the mussels previously washed, the vegetables prepared in advance, the sausage cut asunder and cover all with the broth of chicken, cover the frying pan and cook for 20 minutes slow fire.
If, during the cooking, rice gets dry, add some broth.
Before the cooking is complete, add the saffron, salt, and pepper.
Remove from the fire and place the rice on a serving dish.
Serve well, warm.

Paella algherese – Alghero Paella is a Regional Recipe from Sardinia

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