Difficulty: Average/Difficult Time: 1 day and 1 hour 45 minutes


500 gr almonds;
200 gr walnut-trees;
500 gr raisin;
1/2 ls sapa;
sugared almonds to garnish

How to make Pabassinas

Boil the almonds for 5 minutes, skin them and mince them together with the walnuts.
In a bowl, put walnut-trees and almonds, with the raisin and the grated peel of the orange and the sapa to mix well to amalgamate everything.
Cook to slow fire for 30 minutes, continually mixing.
Leave to cool, cut, and mix it to the form of a rhombus.
Leave to dry for 24 hours and then decorate with the sugared almonds.

Regional Recipe from Sardinia