Orata Lessa


2 gilthead breams weighting 2 lbs. each
4 qts. poaching liquid (see recipe)

How to make the Poached Gilthead Bream:

Gut and wash the fish (if too big, it can be filleted). Use a fish poacher. If you cook the fish whole, start by placing the fish in cold liquids; if you cook fillets, bring the liquids to a very light simmer (to the point where the surface “shimmers” or slightly moves) then add the fish fillets. Cook till done (whole fish should take 6 mins. each pound, fillets should take 5 mins. for 6/8 portions.)

Remove fish from poacher and serve with the desired sauce. Gilthead bream has a very delicate flesh: an appropriate sauce would simply be oil, lemon and chopped parsley. Other types of sauces may be appropriate also, such as tomatoes and vegetables.

Fish prepared in this manner may also be steamed, after which the desired sauce is added.

Serves 4