‘Ndruppeche – Ragù Potentino – Ragù from Potenza

‘Ndruppeche – Ragù Potentino – Redshift87 Public Domain

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The ragù potentino, known as ‘ndruppeche (in Italian snag or stumble), is the mixed meat ragù of the traditional cuisine of the city of Potenza.
The name of this sauce is that by eating the dishes in which it is used, one stumbles, metaphorically, in the pieces of meat composing it.


The ‘ndruppeche, or ragout all’intoppo, is prepared by browning beef, usually beef muscle, and pork, in the form of salami pezzente, in olive oil with cloves of garlic; the meat is then boiled for a few hours with the addition of tomato sauce, are often added to the meat of other animals such as lamb or white meat such as rabbit and poultry. This preparation’s characteristic flavor comes from the salame pezzente, a very fatty homemade salami flavored with dried bell pepper powder, fennel seeds and preserved after light smoking.
Usage and gastronomy
This type of ragout is combined with fresh pasta, prepared, according to the culinary tradition of southern Italy, without the use of the egg, in the typical formats of Lucanian cuisine, the most used formats of pasta are fusilli, Ferretti, and strascinati. A typical dish is made of a mixture of Ferretti and strascinati seasoned with ‘ndruppeche. The preparations in which this sauce is used are usually flavored by adding fresh, dried, or pickled chili pepper and, traditionally in the period of Carnival, horseradish rhizome grated at the moment.

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