Making Polenta in the USA

A communal polenta celebration party in Chamois, Aosta Valley

Polenta is a big part of the communal celebrations in the Aosta Valley. The locals host these parties to celebrate summer with their visiting tourist guests.

It takes hours of slow cooking on a wood fire to properly prepare a classical polenta in a copper pot.

If you think this is too difficult to do in the USA, IT IS!!!

There is now an easier way out: the INSTANT POLENTA, ready in just 3 minutes, a success with Italian cooks is available in this country too! You put it in a pot of boiling water, and it cooks in just three minutes.

There is also a different alternative, already cooked and prepackaged in rolls: don’t fall for it, it’s very different from the real original stuff, and it’s simply not worth it.

The last time I made Polenta on a wood fire in a hut in the Italian Alps. Romantic memories!

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