Maccheroni con le noci – Macaroni with walnuts

Macaroni with walnuts – Alessandro0761 CC BY-SA 3.0


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The sweet macaroni with walnuts, in Viterbo and Umbria’s cuisine, is a typical holiday dessert Christmas (from Christmas Eve to Epiphany), sometimes prepared for All Saints and the Feast of the Dead.
However, it is a typical pasta seasoned to have a strong sweet taste and be consumed cold. It can be pasticciata or compressed into a sort of timbale prepared when the pasta is still boiling.


  • maltagliati,
  • lasagne,
  • reginette,
  • strangozzi,
  • long non-egg pasta

How to make Maccheroni con le noci – Macaroni with walnuts

It is prepared with maltagliati, lasagne, reginette, strangozzi, or with long non-egg pasta. In Trevi and Spoleto’s areas, they prepare it with very soft and elastic gnocchi, made with flour and boiling water. After boiling, seasoned with a mixture of chopped nuts, bread crumbs, sugar, and cinnamon, they add rum, mistrà, or cocoa.
They are present in the cuisine of the Marche region, but they are however typical of Tuscia. Here they are seasoned, in addition to the primary products already mentioned, even in the most imaginative ways, using, for example, bread with honey or grated wine donuts, flakes of dark chocolate, and decorative candies. Nowadays, they use long egg pasta, and honey bread has a more limited use than doughnuts.

Regional Recipe from Latium, Umbria