Luccio In Salsa – Pike in Sauce

Pike in sauce

Pike in sauce is a fish dish prepared with pike, typical of the Mantuan cuisine.

The pike in a sauce of Marmirolo has acquired the status of “De.C.O.”. (Municipal denomination of origin


– A pike of a half kilo <br />
– a pickled green pepper <br />
– a pickled yellow pepper <br />
– 150 g. capers <br />
– 100 g. extravirgin olive oil <br />
– 3 salted anchovies <br />
– a handful of parsley <br />
– a glass of white wine vinegar <br />
– a glass of dry white wine <br />
– the zest and juice of one lemon <br />
– 4 bay leaves <br />
– a clove of garlic <br />
– one onion <br />
– one carrot <br />
– one stick of celery <br />
– salt and pepper to taste.

How to make the Salsa pike:

How to make the luccio in salsa: Simmer the pike in abundant water with the bay leaves, onion and carrot, vinegar, salt and white wine; drain and leave to cool. Meanwhile, chop finely the capers, parsley and peppers. Pour the extra-virgin oil into a pan and add the anchovies which have been cleaned of salt and bones.

Fry the anchovies gently until soft, then add the chopped mixture and a little vinegar; add salt and pepper to taste and cook gently for about 10 minutes. In the meantime, remove the bones from the pike, cut it into pieces and arrange on a serving dish; grate the lemon zest over the fish and add the lemon juice; then add the hot sauce. Leave to rest for a few hours; serve the pike cold accompanied by hot slices of grilled polenta.

Wine recommended : Tocai dell’Alto Mincio; Monteulivi

Recipe proposed by Alessandra and Gaetano Martini
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