Lenticchia di Castelluccio di Norcia – Castelluccio di Norcia Lentil

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  • fruit and vegetable product with a protected geographical indication


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Lentil from Castelluccio di Norcia (IGP) is an Italian fruit and vegetable product with a protected geographical indication, typical of the plains of Castelluccio, a hamlet of Norcia. The production area of the PGI also includes the neighboring regions of the Marche region in the Monti Sibillini National Park.
Lens culinaris Medik is a dicotyledonous plant of the Fabaceae family (or Leguminosae) called lentil, cultivated since ancient times. It is an annual plant whose fruits contain two round flattened seeds, edible, rich in protein and iron, and lentils with different varieties, enormously appreciated in Europe. However, the world production is not high (3,841,883 t (2004)).

Varieties of lentils

It represents one of the first domesticated species: archaeological evidence related to the Franchthi cave in Greece shows they ate it between 13,000 and 11,000 BC. It was one of the first domesticated crops, and its consumption is attested in the biblical episode of Esau in Genesis.

How to use the Lenticchia di Castelluccio di Norcia – Castelluccio di Norcia Lentil

Lentil is an annual herbaceous plant, 20 cm to 70 cm tall. The stems are straight and branched.
The leaves are alternate and compound (imparipinnate with 10-14 oblong leaflets) and end with a tendril, usually bifid or straightforward. They have toothed stipules at the base.
With papilionaceous corolla typical of the subfamily of Faboideae, the flowers are white or pale blue and gathered in clusters of two to four. The calyx is regular, with five thin and relatively long teeth. Flowering occurs between May and July.
Fruits are short, flattened pods containing two seeds with a characteristic, slightly convex lens shape. The seeds’ color varies according to the variety from pale (light green, blond, pink) to darker (dark green, brown, purplish).

Regional Product of Umbria

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